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Not so far away

Headquartered in Novi Sad, Serbia

Serbia - A Nearshoring Destination

In 2018, the Serbian sector exported over 1 billion
EUR with a yearly growth rate exceeding 25%
Key players with development centers in Serbia:
Microsoft, Google, SAP, Epic Games, Continental,

English language mandatory throughout formal
education. German language taught in elementary
and high school as an optional language

Competitive Advantages

Competitive prices, same seniority and expertise
at a fraction of the cost

Bilingual PMs with intermediate to advanced
levels in a third language

Proven long-term partnerships with clients across
the globe

Novi Sad

“Serbian Silicon Valley” - the highest “developers
per citizen” ratio in the country

The second-largest city in Serbia, 40 min drive
away from the nearest airport in Belgrade (capital
of Serbia)

Companies with development centers in Novi
Sad: TTTech (BMW), Continental AG, Epic Games

A university city with educational institutions
renowned in the region