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Outsourcing software development as a solution for your project

What makes outsourcing the right choice for your project? You’ll reduce the overall operational costs, and what’s even more important - you’ll get a flexible and efficient, qualified team who will deliver your project while allowing you to focus on the core processes in your company.

By outsourcing your project or a part of it to another company, whether it is nearshoring or relocating to an overseas country, you will get the access to a much wider talent pool and lower labor costs for a high-quality staff. There is no need to go through a long and expensive recruitment process to select a perfect fit for both your team and your project.

Hire an Experienced Team

Keeping up with the latest technologies in IT can seem overwhelming for many companies and startups. A solution to this problem is to hire a specialized team that already has hands-on experience in using technologies that meet your requirements. By doing so, you will fill in the gaps in your company’s skill set.

IT outsourcing to Vivify Ideas gives you the opportunity to work with a well-coordinated and flexible team of professionals that can respond to your project’s needs. Our dedicated team will be an extension of your in-house team and it will be fully committed to your project.

Nearshoring to Vivify Ideas

Nearshoring your software development project to Vivify Ideas is an excellent choice if you are located in Europe and in search of an experienced team. The team designated for your project will be available during your working hours, and it will be just a two-hour flight away.

The Way We Work

If you choose to outsource your IT project or just a part of it, you’ll want to be familiar with the entire process your project will go through. You’ll also need to be involved in order to give timely feedback. That is the reason our Product Development Life Cycle and Vivify Ideas workflow is public and transparent.

Choosing Vivify Ideas as the outsourcing company means providing reliable development teams with vast experience in software development for your projects. Besides web, mobile and desktop application development, we offer a variety of IT services such as Software Code Review, Software Design, SEO Analysis and more.

Take a look at some of our successful collaborations with clients who have chosen nearshoring as well as overseas outsourcing for their software development projects.

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