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Mobile applications

Custom mobile app development for iOS, Android and Windows phones

Vivify Ideas teams offer custom mobile app development that will suit your needs. We develop Native and Hybrid apps, as well as Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Native App Development

Native apps are smartphone applications developed for use on a particular platform or device. Since they are developed specifically for one platform, they can take full advantage of the device features (e.g., the camera, the GPS, the list of contacts, etc.). They are written using Java or Kotlin for Android and Swift or Objective-C for iOS.

Their biggest advantage is that they have excellent performance, animations and rendering time. However, since a separate app has to be developed for separate operating systems, they are more expensive, and it takes more time to develop them.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps are smartphone applications that combine elements from both native and web apps. They are developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and there is only one codebase for all platforms.

Their biggest advantage is that they allow faster development and they are cheaper since only one codebase is written.

Progressive Web App Development

Besides these two types of mobile apps, there is also one additional approach - Progressive Web App (PWA). Progressive Web Apps are web apps that use modern web-capabilities to offer an app-like experience. They are secure, responsive and the users can install them without App Store mediation.

Some challenges of PWAs are that not all browsers and native functionalities are supported.

No matter if you want an IoT app or you are a startup that wants a mobile app, we will help you decide which approach is the right for you.

Have a look at our Portfolio page to see some of the mobile apps we have developed for our clients.

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