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Software Code Review

The purpose of Software Code Review is to examine the code, discover errors and vulnerabilities and to improve software quality. In order for it to be done the right way, it requires that people who aren't directly involved pay attention to all the details that can be missed.

By having quality code, the scalability of the application is improved, while the number of issues and the time needed is reduced, all of which helps you maintain high-quality standards.

Software Design

If you have an idea about creating a product, but you are not sure how you want it to look like or what features it will contain, our team can help you out. The first step is to create wireframes. This is where your ideas will be summarized and turned into a product draft. The next step is to create high fidelity mockups, where you can see how the product will look and behave after the coding phase. During the whole design process, we will work together with you to define and validate the best possible solution.

Project Management

Managing a project is not an easy task. The role of a Project Manager is to make sure that all project goals are achieved within the given constraints (scope, time, quality and budget) while acting as a liaison between the client and the development team. If there is no one to lead the team while keeping in mind client's goals, it can have detrimental effects on the project, leading to unclear objectives, unrealistic planning, poor quality and projects being late.

Our Project Management services will make sure that the work process is optimized, with well-defined objectives that will enhance your team's performance. From planning everything in a clear and consistent manner, minimizing project risk to closing the work of a team - we will make sure the right product is delivered.

SEO Analysis

There isn’t a magic formula that everyone can use to become number 1 in Google search results. It takes a lot of hard work and knowledge about the best SEO practices to achieve this goal.

If you already have a website that fails to rank well in search results, we can help you. Our team will analyze all aspects to make sure that nothing has detrimental effects on your ranking.

By performing a detailed SEO analysis, we will come up with a strategy. We will help you define your target audience, conduct keyword research, find gaps and opportunities and determine the competitors.

This way, we will be able to suggest the right strategy that will include both on-page and off-page optimization. Needless to say, everything we do is approved by the major search engines and their terms and conditions.

Content Writing

Unfortunately, many people fall into the trap of believing that content is less important than designing and building an app. Creating quality content is equally important as any other part of the development process. It should address the target audience and to convey the right message.

We will help you find out more about your target segment, what their pain points are and suggest the right approach to use when addressing their needs. Whether you want to improve your website content, blog posts or even press releases, everything we write will be optimized, so that it is in line with the best SEO practices.

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