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Solution Architects

A team of veteran developers responsible for the quality of the system and the code, setting up the project architecture and proposing solutions for critical parts of the system.

Talent sources.

The Vivify Ideas team grows by an average of 20% year-by-year

To make this possible, we have established a resilient network of sources that help us find and hire top industry talent.

Cooperation with the university

We maintain a friendly relationship with the University’s STEM schools which provide their students with great core knowledge.


Vivify Ideas also runs its own offline and online Academy where students learn through practice and receive the most applicable coding knowledge.


Vivify Ideas has built a brand which stands for doing things just a tad differently which helps us attract even the most set-in-their-ways seniors.

Employees Funds.

Vivify Ideas’ finances are 100% transparent to our employees.
We have three different Funds which are either managed by the employees or are aimed at them.

Operational Fund

A voluntary team of employees manages the Operational Fund - the day-to-day finances necessary for the company’s operation.

Social Fund

The Social Fund manages 4% of the company’s profits and diverts them into socially responsible projects and organizations in need of money.

Prize Fund

The Prize Fund was established to reward those employees whose contributions have had the most positive impact on their projects and the company in general.



We actively invest both money and expertise in developing additional businesses

Vivify Scrum

An agile project management tool we built from scratch. Over the years, it has become a tool of choice for thousands of teams around the world.

Lift Kviz

We have provided the infrastructure and the technical know-how for the first live digital quiz show in the country.


We co-founded a sister development company Servalit by helping the team go independent and set up a new business.

We are open to new partnerships and investments

If you have an idea and you think that Vivify Ideas could be the technology partner you need, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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