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AI & Machine Learning

Build an AI product or augment your team

Vivify Ideas’ AI Team has worked on a number of Natural Language Processing and machine learning image retrieval commercial projects. They can build your product from scratch or reinforce your existing AI team, at competitive prices.

Team’s expertise

Our team's expertise includes research and implementation of complex models in the areas of NLP and computer vision, using the Python programming language, scikit-learn library, sci-py ecosystem and DL frameworks such as TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, among others.

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Transparency and flexibility

Our ML developers will integrate with your internal team and processes, providing cost-effective reinforcements for your project. If the project requires it, we can easily add new team members whom you can interview beforehand.

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Benefits of working with us.


Low costs

Expand your team with assistant professors and PhD candidates with commercial experience at the fraction of what hiring full-time employees would cost you.


Team augmentation experience

Our experienced ML developers know how to seamlessly integrate in existing organizations and start delivering value asap.


No risks

You can interview our AI developers to make sure they will fit your team. Take advantage of our 7-day free trial period with no strings attached.


Cultural exchange

We encourage visits of our team to your company offices and vice versa. This helps establish better cohesion and dedication to the project.


Office hours overlap

For clients in time zones much different from ours, we make sure there is at least a couple of hours of overlap to nurture direct communication.


Discounts for long-term partners

We provide discounts for clients who stay with us for longer periods of time.


Quick scale ups/downs

If the project requires it, we quickly add or remove team members in a way that the project is not jeopardized in any way.


Working with the team at Vivify was a really amazing experience. They started as a single external programmer and became an integral, internal part of our development organisation. The speed and quality of development exceeded my expectations and they were also able to take on large projects with minimal oversight where they worked independently but also reached out correctly for input so that the result made our end customers successful. I would love to work with them again!

Hans Lee

Former CEO and CTO

Sticky (Acquired by Tobii)

Zwivel has had the pleasure of working with the Vivify team for the past 5.5 years. In that time, we have never had a single negative experience with them. All of Vivify’s engineers have been nothing short of amazing. They are all extremely sharp, organized, have a great sense of humor and have worked seamlessly with our US-based team. I consider Vivify’s team to be a part of Zwivel and not a separate entity. They have been critical to our success and I can’t thank them enough for all the hard work they’ve put into Zwivel. I highly recommend them for any web development project big or small.

Scott Kera

President and former COO


We were looking for an external company to help our team build a new version of the website. It turned out that Vivify Ideas was so great, agile and independent, that we've assigned them almost all of our backend work, so we could focus on the core business. And they served us as a client happily for years.

Igor Šalindrija

Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO

AskGamblers (Acquired by Catena Media)


Our services.


Team augmentation

  • Do you need experts to reinforce your existing team?
  • Our specialists integrate with the client's existing team and processes
  • Custom-assembled teams to meet clients’ needs
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Product development

  • Build a mobile or web application with our team
  • Fixed-price or time & material models
  • Delivering the project on time, on budget, with quality
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AI & Machine Learning

  • A team of experts specialized in Natural Language Processing and Image Recognition
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Cloud & Infrastructure

  • Building scalable and cost-effective IT infrastructure using Google, AWS and Azure solutions
  • Analysing existing approaches and budgetary restraints and guiding our clients towards the optimal cloud infrastructure
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Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Providing software development services for IoT applications
  • In collaboration with long-standing partners, we also deliver complete connected devices
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