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Our project management web app

As software engineers that work at a Scrum-based company, we noticed a gap in the market of agile project management tools. This is why we became dedicated to creating a tool that would suit the real needs of agile teams or individuals.

VivifyScrum is a project management web app made by users of Scrum for users of Scrum. It is easy and intuitive, fast and responsive. Users can choose between Scrum and Kanban boards. No matter which board type users choose, they will have a clear view of all boards. Because of this, a team or an individual can focus on setting and choosing priorities. For those who work on several projects at the same time, they can manage and organize teams efficiently. Whether you are an IT company with a large number of teams, a small team of software developers, or a freelancer, you can become more organized and productive while working on your projects.


To develop an app of this kind, we have used a diverse technology stack. When the first version was released, we used Laravel, AngularJS and NodeJS. Since then, we improved the app and at the end of 2017, a new version was released with a new technology stack. As for the backend, we have used Laravel 5 for the new version as well as PHP 7. For the frontend, we have switched from AngularJS to Vue.js because we tested it and it suited our needs the most when compared to any other popular framework. We used MariaDB for database and Elasticsearch for indexing. We opted for Elasticsearch due to its fast, incisive search against large volumes of data. In order to make the application work realtime, we used websocket server written in Node.js.

While working on the VivifyScrum web app, our teams have contributed to the open-source community. They’ve written a simple and high-speed Markdown Parser for Vue as well as a simple Keyboard shortcut plugin for Vue.