Vivifyscrum iOS app

Project management mobile app for iOS

The iOS application was submitted to the App Store in 2016. VivifyScrum iOS app has all the essential features that keep its users up to date with their projects. The process of developing this app started with creating the initial UI and UX which were based on the best practices in mobile app design. We were guided by the idea of keeping the recognizable clean design, but at the same time, we wanted to provide a more intuitive and immersive user experience.


VivifyScrum iOS app is written in Swift 3. That allowed us to write a code that is as easy to write as it is to read and maintain. The rest of the technology stack involves Core Data for data persistence, Alamofire for the networking layer, SnapKit for managing Auto Layout, then Kingfisher for image caching and Eureka for building forms. We also use Crashlytics for crash reporting.

The application communicates with the VivifyScrum API and provides a real-time view of the user’s boards, product backlog and sprint backlog, allowing to create new ones, edit and delete existing cards, view board files, manage the team and much more.