Biometric Eye tracking application

Sticky was established in 2009. Vivify Ideas began collaboration with Sticky in 2015. Recently, in 2017, Sticky was acquired by Tobii Group, a Swedish high-technology company that develops products for eye tracking.

Our team consists of two dedicated full stack developers who are responsible for creating the visual frontend of the application.

The application creates detailed visual reports based on eye tracking, emotion analysis, survey responses and click data.


Once Sticky decided to launch a new version of the app, Vivify Ideas team was hired to work on the client-side of the application from scratch. The technology that was used for the previous version was also used in the new one - AngularJS. SASS, a CSS preprocessor language, is used to keep large stylesheets organized and to get small ones running quickly. Our team uses Browserify that allows them to use Node.js modules in the browser. Our team chose Grunt for automating frequent tasks such as minification, compilation or unit testing.