Office management system solution

Salarium is a successful Philippines startup that received its first round of the investment in 2014. It started as a Payroll app, and over the years Salarium increased the number of available features. Our team joined Salarium project in 2017.

The application consists of three major parts: SAL Time, SAL Payroll and SAL Payout. Our primary role in Salarium is developing Time and Attendance service and SPA client. While doing that, the team also needs to work on improving already existing services in the application so that they comply with the new features.


As we’re working on both backend and frontend part of the application, the technologies we use are AWS hosted Linux server, PHP with Lumen Framework, Redis, Memcached, RabbitMQ on the backend side and JavaScript - Vue.js framework on the frontend part.

The features that we added to the application allow users to manage company data, such as basic company information, company structure and locations, employees and their job positions. Time and attendance service allows defining schedules, assigning shifts and vacation days for users. For this purpose, we’ve implemented the calendar and scheduler view for intuitive usage. The application also enables time tracking via different methods, requesting and managing leaves and overtime payments.

Salarium has given us the opportunity to form a strong team of four full stack developers, one frontend developer and one tester. This project has given us a chance to gain experience in developing apps for office management while applying our knowledge and expertise in developing single page applications using PHP with Lumen Framework and JavaScript - Vue.js framework.