Robly forms

Mobile app for creating forms

Robly provides a solution that uses automation and artificial intelligence technologies to observe user behavior and to deliver email campaigns. They decided to offer their clients a solution for offline campaigns and approaching target audience in person. Robly forms app makes collecting relevant data in person convenient. It is developed for two platforms - iOS and Android, and it’s created for iPads and tablets.

The Vivify Ideas team was responsible for the frontend side while collaborating with the clients on the server-side of the application. One full stack developer, a QA engineer and a designer made the Vivify Ideas part of the team.


A hybrid approach was used to develop Robly Forms App. The team chose Cordova framework. It allowed the utilization of standard web technologies for cross-platform development. For User Interface, the team chose Vue.js with Onsen UI. The team used Monaca as a wrapper for Cordova.

Robly Forms app is created for Robly web app users. Once they download the app from the App Store or Google Play, they’ll be able to create all kinds of forms on their iPads and Tablets. A finished form is saved on a server and can be accessed from any other device with the account credentials. In that way it can be used for collecting relevant data on different locations and different occasions.

Robly chose Vivify Ideas to outsource another addition to Robly web application - Robly360 CRM for Gmail - a Chrome extension.