Crowd funding real estate platform

Crowdhouse is a real estate platform that enables users to invest in luxurious properties in Switzerland using co-ownership model. Approximately half of the property price is co-financed with a mortgage, while the remaining funds are distributed among other buyers. The Crowdhouse team examines and assesses every property that is listed on their website, and their customers just sign the necessary contracts. Every 3 months, each co-owner receives their share of the rental income and can sell the property at any time.

Our team joined the Zurich team to work on this project. The Zurich team is responsible for design, frontend and managing a website. Our team works on the backend development.


We use PHP and its framework - Symfony for this project. Symfony is a well-established framework and has an active community where users, developers and others contribute to the improvement of the tool.

We use Kunstmaan bundles as the content management system. It is an advanced yet user-friendly content management system. It is based on the full stack Symfony framework and several community bundles.

As mentioned, we are responsible for the complete backend development. We develop and adapt the administration content management system. In addition to this, we manage and store all data and sync info with Salesforce. Salesforce is used by the company management and the sales team.

The team that worked on this project was made of two backend developers, one Senior and one Junior developer. Crowdhouse has given our team an opportunity to gain experience and implement their expertise and knowledge in using PHP and Symfony.