Cargo Scout

A cargo tracking app

As some studies suggest, the supply chain visibility remains one of the top priorities for businesses that trade internationally. It is necessary to share the real-time information with both the shippers and the carriers.

CargoScout is a cargo tracking app that meets supply and demand in the global transportation. It allows its users to get shipping quotes from hand-picked carriers as well as to manage shipments and communication in one place. It is completely free and users can upload, share and manage their documents in one place.

About Code

Our team has covered the most of the development process, from setting up serves to both backend and frontend logic. For the backend, we used PHP alongside its framework Laravel. Laravel is one of the most used frameworks at the moment that has great community support and helps secure the web app by protecting it against the most serious security risks. MySQL was used for database and Laravel Echo server for websockets. For the frontend part, our team used Vue.js to develop VueJS SPA (Single page application).

CargoScout consists of two separate apps - the frontend app and the backend app. The frontend app interacts with the users and sends API requests to the backend app. Only a couple of static pages are served from the backend app.

The code our team developed allows users to manage their shipments and interact with other interested parties through a built-in messaging system. Users can also update clients on the current status of their shipment or to manage their teams - whatever suits their needs.

Two full stack developers and one tester have worked on this project. They contributed to the open-source community by creating Vue observe visibility - a library that detects when an element is becoming visible or hidden on the page.