React Native Mobile Application for Coworking

The Assemblage app lets members stay connected to community and culture on-the-go. The application allows members to RSVP for upcoming events, search for members and teams by skill set, book meeting and meditation rooms, share news in the community feed and more.

The Vivify team joined the design & strategic agency noformat in the realization of this project. The design was provided by noformat themselves and we converted it into great code!

However, our story doesn’t end here, as Vivify Ideas and noformat will continue to work together on new features for this app.


When Prodigy Network decided to launch a new version of the app, Vivify Ideas team was hired to work on the client-side of the application from scratch.

The white-labelled app was replaced with React Native application, as this approach allowed us to have only one code base both for Android and iOS.

The React Native approach was a good fit for this project as there was no need for separate teams and development per platform, which led to lower costs and overall faster development.

Although our responsibility was the front-end side, this app was quite challenging due to its abundance of animations. Our developers worked on RN animations using the RN Animated API and implemented custom components for Menu Navigation, Drag and Drop, Date Picker, Slider etc.

The Vivify team that worked on this project consisted of 1 full-stack and 1 front-end developer, 1 QA and 1 PM.