Web development


VivifyScrum Web App is a project management web app for agile project management and collaboration. It is created to suit the needs of agile teams, developers and freelancers.

Web development


Zwivel is a plastic surgery platform that allows patients to research, discuss and virtually consult a cosmetic physician. Patients can also join the cosmetic community and research both invasive and non-invasive procedures.

Web development


Sticky is a cloud-based eye tracking application that enables large-scale market research using a webcam. It is built for makers, advertisers, designers, UX experts to help them understand what users see on their websites and to enable optimization of digital assets.

Web development


CargoScout is a cargo tracking app, which allows its users to get information about selected shippers, their shipping quotes and to manage everything in one place for free.

iOS development


Besides being a web app, VivifyScrum is a project management mobile app that supports the iOS platform - iPhone and iPad devices. It is entirely built by Vivify Ideas developers.

Web development


CrowdHouse is a real estate platform that enables users to invest in luxurious properties in Switzerland using the co-ownership model. Vivify Ideas worked on the backend side of the application.

Web development


Salarium is a Software as a Service HR solution for office management. It provides enterprise solutions for small and large businesses by integrating employees’ attendance with time tracking, payroll, and payouts.

iOS development

Purple Patriot

Purple Patriot is a mobile application for Android and iOS platform. It allows users to actively participate in local and federal politics in the United States of America.

Desktop app development


Starting from late 2017, VivifyScrum is available as a desktop app. It is a cross-platform application, available for Mac, Windows and Linux. VivifyScrum is a Vivify Ideas project and it is entirely developed by our team.

Mobile App Development


The application for Coworking members, allowing them to Connect & Collaborate.

Mobile app development

Robly Forms

Robly is an Email Marketing solution wrapped in a web application. It started as a New York-based startup in 2011 founded by Adam Robinson. Today, Robly is working on offering a wide range of additions to their initial product.

Chrome Extension development

Robly Chrome Extensions

Robly is an Email Marketing Service provider for small businesses marketing automation. Vivify Ideas team built a chrome extension Robly360 CRM for Gmail as an addition to the Robly web application.

Web development

Dib hotels

DIB Hotel is a hotel bidding app that enables users to book an unsold hotel room by setting their own prices.