How we work

Test release

Test Release

Test release phase is the last one before the product goes into production. It allows us to deliver a bug-free product that meets the client’s requirements.

Creating the Test Installation

The test installation is created at the very beginning of every project and clients have full access to it at any moment. We tend to have a product increment every day and with this installation, we provide transparency of our work and of the value that we deliver to the product.

QA Testing

After completing a User Story, once it is marked “done” by the development team, it is handed to the part of the team in charge of testing. Our QA team is committed to securing a high quality of all products the company builds.

Mob Testing

On the test installation, the QA team occasionally does mob testing. Mob testing involves the QA team working together on a single device to conduct tests. This way, team members combine their skills and insights to improve the test process and, ultimately, the product itself.

Once everything is set, we are ready for the Production Release.