How we work

Project requirement analysis


Every project starts with an idea. Some ideas are simple, while others require something revolutionary and unique. Whatever the case may be, the first step in the process is to perform requirement analysis.

Comprehensive Approach to Gathering Requirements

In this phase, we collect all product requirements from the client. Requirements gathering includes analyzing the clients’ needs, demands, and problems that the product should solve. No matter how great the design or the development phase, unless requirements are properly collected, every other phase will remain incomplete. This is why we gather them carefully and systematically. All requirements are measurable, testable, as well as documented and defined sufficiently for system design.

Importance of Client Communication

Good and effective communication is essential in this phase since requirement analysis is critical to the success or failure of a project. Requirements gathering can be done in two ways, either via online calls or via onsite meetings. If a project is a bigger one, we believe that onsite meetings are a must in order to avoid any possible miscommunication.

When this phase is completed, we can proceed with the next phase of the Product Development Lifecycle - Creating the product draft.