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Project preparation

Project Preparation

Project preparation consists of several stages.

Assembling the Team

The first stage is assembling the team that will work on the project. This includes choosing developers, a Project Manager, a Scrum master, QA, Code reviewers, SEO experts, etc. The number of people who will be assigned to the project depends on the project itself, which should already be agreed upon during the estimation phase.

Creating the Board in VivifyScrum

The next stage in this phase is to create a board on It is a project management tool developed by Vivify Ideas. Since it is an Agile tool, everyone involved in the project can track the progress of the project. This tool brings transparency to the whole project and enables the team to organize better.

Creating the Product Backlog

User stories are being added to the Product Backlog at this stage. As with any stage, communication with the client is important here as well. We prioritize stories after consultations with the client which allows us to create a plan for delivering the product.

Once the project planning process is completed, the following stage is the Design.