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Estimation and proposal


The product draft allows us to move to the next part of the product development - the Estimation and proposal phase. To estimate means to predict the amount of effort and time required to deliver the product. The proposal contains an estimated duration and estimated costs of the project.

An accurate estimation, which requires experience, involves:

  • Dividing the project into User Stories
  • Defining the technology stack
  • Determining the team size and composition.

The first step of this phase is dividing the project into User Stories. User Story is a description of one or more features of a product told from the perspective of the end user. It is focused on the value that it is going to have for the end user, and not on its technical implementation.

The next step in the estimation process is defining the initial technology stack. The technology stack is the combination of software and programming languages that will be used to develop the product.

After defining user stories and the technology stack; the optimal team size and composition should be determined as well. The optimal team size depends on the project complexity (the number of user stories and the chosen technology stack) and the skills and experience of the team members.

Based on previously gathered information, an estimation of every user story is done during this stage. This leads to the cumulative Estimation of the entire product. As a result we can create the Proposal.

Estimation example

The Proposal should present estimated time and costs based on the gathered requirements, the chosen technology stack and the team size.

Proposal example

When we send this proposal to the client and after we get the approval, we are ready to start the Project Preparation phase.