How we work

Creating the product draft - wireframe, application map and User Personas


After a detailed analysis of the client’s requirements and collecting all the necessary information, we move on to the next stage of the Product Development Lifecycle - the creation of the Product Draft.

This stage starts by listing all the desired functionalities and features that the product will have. Our team collaborates closely with the client to get all the information while making sure that none of the requirements are neglected.

Client Design Workshops

At this point, Vivify Ideas is open to organizing design workshops with the client, if necessary. At the workshops, the client shares a vision of the product with our design and product teams. With the information gathered during the Analysis stage and in the design workshops, our UX and software development teams start creating the initial structure of the product.

Creating the Application Map

Depending on the type of development work we perform on the product - development of the entire product, frontend or backend side - we create a pertinent Application map. Since the map is one of the first steps in the workflow, it changes throughout the project. We use online mapping tools so the map can be easily edited, changed and reviewed.

Application map example

Defining User Personas

All product features should be designed to meet the needs and habits of the end users. That is why our focus at this stage is on defining User Personas. They are defined by the UX team. Knowing the end users of the product helps us guide further decisions about the product such as features, interactions, and design. The data is collected from reputable online sources and questionnaires.

VivifyScrum User Persona example 1

VivifyScrum User Persona example 2

VivifyScrum User Persona example 3

VivifyScrum User Persona example 4

Creating Wireframes

After we create the initial structure and define User Personas, we put it all together by creating wireframes. We use them to visualize and demonstrate the basic functionalities and relations between different elements of the product. Wireframes help with understanding how the product will work and they guide the whole development process. With this step, we summarize client’s ideas and turn them into a Product Draft.


At the end of this stage, both the client and our team have a picture of the product - the defined scope. The result of this phase allows us to continue to the next step in Product Development Lifecycle - Estimation and Proposal.