How we work

Product design


Product Design is the next phase of the Product Development Lifecycle. Whether we are talking web application design or mobile and desktop app design, the same principles apply to every design process.

Creating High Fidelity Mockups

This phase begins with creating high fidelity mockups that are based on wireframes. While these mockups are created before the development phase, they are maintained during this phase as well. In these mockups, the client can see how the product will look and behave when the coding phase is completed. We use InVision to present the mockups to the client. This app allows us to get feedback from the client and resolve comments in real time.

High Fidelity Mockup example

UX Team Review

The UX team carries out a detailed review after receiving client’s feedback. The team pays attention to potential usability and user experience problems and provides actionable solutions. Throughout the design process, we work closely with the client to define and validate the best possible solution.

When the Design stage is completed, the Development stage begins.