How we work

Software Development Process


Once the design is completed, the next phase is the software development process. It is the phase where the code is produced according to the requirements, preparation, and design.

Since organizing a team in either Scrum or Kanban is one of the vital parts of agile software development, our development team is organized in one of these frameworks.

Writing Test Case Scenarios

Before the developers start working on the User Stories, the QA defines Test Case scenarios for the majority of the User Stories. This way, once they finish working on them, developers can test a Story against the predefined Test Case scenarios.

Code Reviewer Analysis and QA Testing

After this step, the Code Reviewer analyzes the code to make sure that the code is of a high-quality.

Once a Code Reviewer is done analyzing the code, QA tests every Story. When a Story is completed to everyone’s satisfaction, it is marked as “Done”. Software development process is traditionally one of the longest phases in the project development lifecycle.

When this stage is completed, it is followed by the Test Release stage.