Code quality Commitment to Code Quality

Commitment to Code Quality

Achieving the desired level of quality includes more than writing neat lines of code. Some of the pillars that support code quality are the ability to choose the proper technology stack for product requirements, a well-designed software architecture, timely code review and a clean code.

A code that is considered high-quality is easy to understand, serves its intended purpose, it is maintainable, extendible, and well-tested. Code Quality is achieved by performing a code review analysis on every commit a developer makes. Every team that is working on a project has a Code Reviewer who ensures that only clean and understandable code gets accepted as part of a product increment.

A well-designed project structure, high quality code and its regular maintenance are essential for providing scalability of an application. An application with those characteristics is able to scale seamlessly as demand for features increases or decreases.

In regards to software architecture, two different aspects have to be taken into consideration- application architecture which describes logical code organization itself (front end and back end part), and server architecture which describes physical placement and communication of main services on individual physical machines. A well-designed architecture is a starting point and one of the preconditions for delivering a quality product.

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Another way to preserve our commitment to Code Quality was the formation of a dedicated Code Quality team whose responsibilities include securing high quality of code by reviewing it, choosing a technology stack for a project, defining software architecture, etc.