Code Quality

Code Quality image

Code quality is an inherent aspect of product development at Vivify Ideas. Our commitment to it is reflected in the quality of the products we build. We’ve adjusted our development process in order to achieve and maintain the quality by closely tying code review to the workflow, by forming the Code Quality team and by contributing to the open source community.

Vivify Ideas recognizes the significance of code quality as an indispensable part of the product development lifecycle and considers it essential to every successful IT project. Regardless of the nature and complexity of the project we work on, our commitment to code quality is unconditional.

Code Quality team is dedicated to securing high quality of code on all projects. They have numerous tasks, from defining the software architecture, performing code quality analysis to research and sharing their insights with others.

As an outsourcing company that has worked on projects with different technology stacks, we took the opportunity to collaborate on open source code with the GitHub community. The collaboration doesn’t only reflect in our contribution to existing open source projects but also in sharing our code with millions of developers.