Web Development Internship

We offer you the opportunity to develop a fully-fledged commercial app, have your progress closely monitored and openly evaluated.

Web Development internship lasts for two months.

During the first two weeks of the first month, you will have an opportunity to learn new technologies by working together with a dedicated mentor. Once you get the gist of it, you will proceed to apply your newly acquired knowledge by developing one simple app and challenging yourself with a few more complex tasks.

During this period, our main goal is to give you all the support you need, answer all of your questions, spark your curiosity and closely monitor your progress in order to help you get the most out of your own potential.

When the first month comes to an end, we will sit down with your mentor to assess your professional growth. If we determine that you are becoming more autonomous each day, we will let you enter the second phase.

The second month of the internship involves working on a real project as part of a team using the Scrum framework. One such project was a movie trivia app called Kangaroo. More than 20 students have actively worked on the app, learning about React and React Native along the way. It is available on both Google Play and the App Store for download.

At the end of the second month, we will make a final evaluation of your progress and decide if we are going to offer you a position at our company.

Who is our ideal intern?

If you have a university degree, we would like you to have a good average grade. If you’ve attended a programming course instead, we would be delighted to know that you’ve scored high on your final exam. If you are completely self-taught, we want to learn about your personal projects and not just “code-alongs”.

In addition to your excellent track record, it is important to us that you are a curious fast-learner who adapts to new situations easily. You will be working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment, and you will be expected to learn something new every day, so this criterion is not negotiable.

In terms of specific knowledge, here’s what we expect you to have:

  • Solid knowledge of basic OOP (This is crucial. If you are well versed in some of the programming languages listed below, but you still haven’t grasped the key OOP concepts, wait with your application until you get there.)
  • Knowledge of relational database
  • JavaScript (plus one of the following: Angular, Vue or React)
  • PHP (If you know Java, C# or Python instead, your skills will be just as useful. Your logic is far more important to us than mere syntax.)
  • At last, if you are familiar with Laravel, Django or Node.js, we are going to be very happy about it, but if you are not, we are going to be just as excited about the opportunity to teach you.

Full disclosure, Web Development internship is a significant time commitment. Our goal is to hire you, and in order to get the most out of this opportunity, you have to be able to dedicate at least 32 hours to the internship on a weekly basis.

The selection process contains four steps:

  • OOP task - The task entails developing a console application in your choice of OOP language. You do this task from home.
  • Interview with the HR team
  • Technical interview with one of our web developers
  • Final tasks - The goal of the step is to test your way of thinking and problem-solving skills.

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