Web Developer

Dear web developer,

We would like to welcome you on behalf of the Vivify Ideas team, which, hopefully, you’ll want to join soon. You may join us in our office in Novi Sad.

So, let’s start from the top:

Because of an increasing workload, we are looking, that is not our story. We are not a company searching for employees. Rather, we are a community searching for new members.

Because of our desire for improvement and different points of view, we are looking for new community members who will share our values.

What can you expect from us?

  • First of all - a fair salary - depending on your experience, shown initiative, and contribution to the team and projects
  • A flexible hours schedule - you know better than anyone when you put in your best work
  • Occasional remote work - after 6 months, you will clearly know your role and responsibilities so you may choose to work from home from time to time.
  • Participation in profit sharing - after 6 months each employee receives a share in 28% of company profits that is added as a bonus to the monthly salary
  • A say in how the company spends the 20% of the profits that are set aside to make the work environment as pleasant and productivity-friendly as possible
  • An access to a special fund for visiting domestic and international IT conferences of your own choice as well as other types of professional training
  • In-house trainings tailored to employees' needs and interests
  • Decentralized organization and a high level of trust in our teams. Each team has full autonomy in making decisions such as processes and technologies they’re going to use etc.
  • Equal rights to participate in common decisions within teams, such as what working space will look like, which conferences we are going to attend etc.

Here are some additional benefits:

  • Regular sport activities
  • Team building every 3 months
  • Colleagues always in the mood for foosball or table tennis (available in our office)
  • You will never have to worry about having enough coffee, beverages, fresh fruits or craft beer, since all of these things are readily available in our office

So, are you willing to learn every day and to motivate others with your ideas and ingenuity?

Yes? So why haven’t you sent your CV yet?

When can you expect us to contact you?

If we think that you are a good fit for this job, then we can’t wait to meet you and we will get in touch with you real soon. And after we meet, the whole recruitment process doesn’t take more than 2 weeks.

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