QA Engineer

We are looking to hire a QA engineer, someone to help us secure the highest possible quality of the products we work on.

We are looking for someone who has:

  • Preferably 6+ months of experience writing and executing manual and automated tests or a web development background
  • Passion for finding bugs and striving to perfection
  • Good communication and collaboration skills

Your job would be:

  • Securing high quality of all products the company produces
  • Making sure that products match requirements, examine specification, documentation, design and suggest improvements
  • Writing and executing test scripts
  • Running manual and automated tests
  • Performing UX testing
  • Taking care of the quality of displayed content
  • Securing the quality of graphics and layout
  • Taking care of browser compatibility and user preference compatibility
  • Performing SEO testing
  • Providing objective feedback to software development project teams

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Here’s how your work day would look like, through the lens of our QA engineer Ivan:

"Coming to work in the morning is never a rush. I plan my day to fit my needs. My teammates usually get to the office between 8am and 10am.
Walking into the office, the smell of the first morning coffee, a chit-chat in the kitchen with my colleagues is how I start my day.

Next thing I do is check my emails, still over a cup of coffee, and start testing. I do manual testing and write and execute test scripts. My job is to ensure the highest possible quality of the products Vivify Ideas is working on. Together with the rest of the QA team I plan and execute strategies to achieve that. We have full autonomy over the process, which makes coming to work a pleasure. The products we create are medium to high complexity web applications developed with Laravel and Angular. We also develop iOS apps.
Since we’ve adopted Scrum framework, usually at 11am I have a 15-minute Daily Scrum meeting. On this meeting I talk about what I did yesterday and about my plans for today. I try to provide objective feedback to other development teams. The developers here test the functionalities they create and they appreciate my suggestions how to do that to the best to their abilities.
After lunch and after a good game of foosball we organize #VivifyTalk on Thursdays or Fridays. That is an opportunity to improve through learning. The winners of #VivifyTalk of the month get cool rewards.

We are also provided the chance to work on company’s experimental projects a couple of hours every week. These are non-commercial projects whose purpose is to experiment with another technology, tool, organization processes, work with teammates we’ve never worked before etc.
Today afternoon is for UX and SEO testing. That is the way I’ve organized things. When I get stuck in the process my teammates are always here to help me. Here communication is the key.
What I like about Vivify Ideas is that anyone who shows responsibility, initiative in a team, who works hard is encouraged and rewarded. Here I feel valued. My ideas and suggestions are appreciated and respected. I never feel like I’m left out of the process of decision making.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about our Team building trips and about the conferences we visited, but that would be a long story."

So if you’d like to live it and if you feel that you’ll fit in Vivify Ideas team, send your CV to [email protected].

We can’t wait to meet you!

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