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Pursue a career at a professional web development company Vivify Ideas where you’ll fulfill your potential and unlock your talent. We are always looking to hire new talents not simply to have someone to delegate extra work to, but to learn from them, to move forward and to get inspired by new ideas.

Don’t be just another cog in a big machine. Build the machine at Vivify Ideas!

full time

Web Developer

Developers are the driving force behind Vivify Ideas. If you are one and you want to bring your skills and talent to our community while turning ideas into high-quality products, read more about all the things you can expect from us.

full time

Web Designer

We want to hire a Web Designer who always strives to become better, a creative person who inspires colleagues. If you consider working on the design of interesting products your calling, read more about what we can offer to you.

full time

DevOps Engineer

Vivify Ideas is looking to hire a DevOps Engineer with at least a years’ worth of experience in Linux (Debian), MySQL and MongoDB administration; Vagrant, Docker and good knowledge of automation of deployments and configuration management. He or she will also need to know their networks, firewalls, web server administration (apache and nginx), virtualization, load balancing, high availability solutions and scripting. If this is you, let us know!

full time

Web Development Internship

We are calling for curious people who know the basics of object-oriented programming and are not shy to ask for help. If you have a strong drive to learn and expand your web development skill set, read more about what you can expect from us and send us your application.

full time

Front-end developer

Vivify Ideas is looking to take on a front-end developer with solid understanding of HTML5, CSS3, UI and UX principles and responsive design principles. If you are passionate about front-end and want to join a team where people fulfil their potential, let us know!

part time

Web Development Teacher

We are looking for someone to join our team at Vivify Academy, our web development school. If you are good at coding, helping people learn how to code and you want to earn extra money while doing something you love, read more about this job.