DevOps Engineer

Vivify Ideas is an agile software development company with more than a few projects going on at any given moment, often in all kinds of phases.

In other words, our DevOps Engineers are never bored.

What this also means is that we know to appreciate and value DevOps Engineers. We understand how vital they are to the everyday functioning of our company and we know how to show it.

We will not describe your job to you, as you know what to expect in a dynamic company like ours. That being said, we do have a few requirements for the position of DevOps Engineer at our company:

1+ year of experience in these relevant areas:

  • Linux (Debian) and MySQL, MongoDB administration
  • Vagrant, Docker
  • good knowledge of automation of deployments (CI/CD) and configuration management (e.g. Ansible/Puppet/Chef)
  • networks, firewalls, web server administration (apache and nginx), virtualization, load balancing, high availability solutions and scripting (e.g. bash, PHP)
  • supervising and carrying out monitoring tasks concerning all relevant system components and services
  • securing web servers
  • excellent troubleshooting skills

Besides being appreciated (and properly rewarded) for your efforts, there are a few additional things that you can expect when you become a DevOps Engineer at Vivify Ideas:

  • Part of company profits is shared among employees on a monthly basis because we think it's fair
  • High level of autonomy and participation in decision making in various areas related not only to work but the functioning of the company as well
  • Provide opportunities for specialization and improvement as well as developing new skills and talents
  • Never miss a Birthday cake, Detox day or Happy Friday
  • Play table soccer and table tennis during the breaks (experience required :))

If you have the know-how and think we’d be a good fit, make sure to let us know.

Read from the code how to apply:

if (VivifyIdeas == ‘Company that fits you’) {
    Mail.send(myCV, ‘[email protected]’);
} else {
    console.log(‘We’ll meet on some other occasion!’);

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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