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Pursue a career at a professional web development company Vivify Ideas where you’ll fulfill your potential and unlock your talent. We are always looking to hire new talents not simply to have someone to delegate extra work to, but to learn from them, to move forward and to get inspired by new ideas.

Don’t be just another cog in a big machine. Build the machine at Vivify Ideas!

full time

Senior Web Developer

We aim to match your seniority level with significant projects running on latest technologies with more responsibilities, but not at the cost of your work-life balance. Participate in code quality reviews and knowledge sharing with fellow industry experts. Work with our most valuable clients and even develop your own business ideas with our help, all while working flexible hours with part-remote options.

full time

Medior Web Developer

Our Medior Web Developer position is the perfect environment for those who are ready to face tougher challenges and reap bigger rewards. Take on high-level projects, become a part of our code quality team and work closely with seniors on app architecture and code reviews.

full time

Junior Web Developer

As a Junior Web developer, your professional growth is likely your biggest priority and it’s ours too. To that end, we offer personal development programs which let you define a roadmap with our seniors and follow it through. We’re here to help every step of the way through company-funded courses, internal workshops and code review groups.

full time

Talent Acquisition Manager

Vivify Ideas HR team is looking to expand and hire a Talent Acquisition Manager. If you know how to source talent, recruit the right people and help build an inclusive, improvement-oriented company culture, make sure to get in touch!

full time

Web Development Internship

We are calling for curious people who know the basics of object-oriented programming and are not shy to ask for help. If you have a strong drive to learn and expand your web development skill set, read more about what you can expect from us and send us your application.

full time

AI Internship

Vivify Ideas is looking for people interested in an AI internship. During your intensive internship, you will get to work on a project involving convolutional and recurrent neural networks applied to natural language processing problems.