This is Where the Magic Happens

Do you want to take a sneak peek behind the scenes and get to know us? We know it’s high time we showed you where we work, so let’s dive straight into showing you around.

Keeping in mind our company values as well as the fact that an office is not just a place to work, but also a place to brainstorm, plan and boost creativity, we designed a workplace that suits our needs perfectly. Employees need autonomy and decision-making power in order to thrive and improve, and since that is a part of our company culture, they made the decisions regarding where we will work.

For example, our employees were the ones who wanted to build a house in the suburbs instead of buying or renting a flat in the city center. They wanted a parking space, a yard and a quiet neighborhood to work in.

We designed open-space offices that encourage communication and promote friendship. As an extra step in making sure that our employees talk and get to know each other outside of the work environment, we installed only one coffee machine. It is a unique meeting place where everyone has a chance to have a quick chat with the people they don’t usually hang out with.

Even though every part of designing our offices was carefully planned, the best part of this process is that it never stops improving. Our employees have an opportunity to suggest everything they think should be changed. As long as others agree with these suggestions — they are implemented.

Instead of describing our offices, take a look at the photos and find out where ideas come to life!