Our Own VivifyScrum Getting Some Love

It is no secret that we have always been very proud of our own 4-year old, VivifyScrum.

In case you didn’t know, it is an agile project management tool we developed from scratch, and which we use every day at Vivify Ideas.

Last year, we did a major overhaul of the software and over the last couple of months, it has been garnering some attention.

For one, we were finally hunted on Product Hunt.

Our Scrum tool also found its place on BetaPage.

MAQTOOB also added us to its collection of business tools.

The nice people from Wild Apricot have recognized VivifyScrum's new discounts for Educational and Non-Profit organizations and added us to their list of best free or cheap tools for non-profits.

Thanks to our generous free plan, VivifyScrum is perfect for startups, which was recognized by StartupInspire.

We also got on Startup Tracker.

In addition to these, VivifyScrum has also been featured in a number of lists.

For example, Find Best Web Hosting has included us to their list of top online project management and collaboration tools.

Collaboration Superpowers recognized our tool’s value for remote teams.

The good people from Daxx named VivifyScrum as one of the best free agile tools for Scrum teams.

Folks from Arket included us on their list of must-have collaboration tools of teams working on a website.

We also received a mention on, in an article on the web-based project management tools.

To everyone, thank you and danke!