Knowledge Sharing in IT Companies

When being shared, knowledge becomes the single most powerful tool for advancement and prosperity. That is why we do not see it as property. We see it as an opportunity for continual improvement.

What is Vivify Talk?

Implemented soon after our company’s founding, this practice imposes a goal of knowledge sharing among employees. Each week, one of the employees holds a brief presentation (no longer than 20 minutes) on a particular topic of their own choice.

Limitations concerning topic choices are nonexistent, nevertheless, they are often closely related to trending technologies and best practices which are usually at the epicenter of the employee’s interest. However, presentations regarding psychology, management or economy are not rare occurrences within this practice of ours.

Sporadically, our employees are faced with questionnaires aimed towards informing us on topics that are generally regarded as being interesting among our workers, allowing us to form topic lists which can subsequently be used to help others who struggle with producing ideas for their presentations.

Apart from general knowledge sharing, one of the primary goals of this practice is to present others with a broader perspective and new ideas, as well as to invite them to become more familiar and informed about them.

Why do we organize Vivify Talk?

Here are our top five reasons why we have decided to implement Vivify Talk as our knowledge sharing practice:

  1. Knowledge sharing. We are simply utilizing the fact that the company as a collective possesses a certain amount of knowledge that could potentially be useful to some individuals. Some problematic situations could end up being individually resolved due to information gained during Vivify Talk.
  2. Knowledge sharing represents an advanced learning method. In order to come up with a decent presentation, one tends to expand his/her knowledge through additional research and preparation.
  3. Vivify Talk directly affects the employee’s public speaking skills, as well as influence his/her self-confidence. Speaking for a longer period of time and this type of exposure is a catalyst for change in regards to the level of comfort that an employee feels during discussions, debates, and plain communication with colleagues and clients. Above all, clients feel much more satisfied due to the team’s increased functionality, which is a direct manifestation of employees’ individual skill improvement.
  4. People get to know each other better. Presenting yourself to everyone involved in the company might bring you closer to some with whom you have previously had no interaction whatsoever. What this does is, it helps employees understand who it is they can turn to while being faced with specific types of problems (through Vivify Talk they get familiar with other employees’ affinities).
  5. Apart from our employees, our clients are also engaged in the Vivify Talk practices. Each presentation held by our clients brings us closer to understanding clearly what their business’ demands and needs actually are. Should we even mention that it brings our clients closer to the whole team as well?