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14 March 2019

Why We Made Yet Another Movie Trivia Game

Dust off that Universal Soldier VHS tape because our Kangaroo Movie Trivia app is live!

But wait a minute, you say, aren’t there already countless movie trivia apps on both Google Play and the App Store? What makes this one unique?  In short: we did it for ourselves.

Background story

There are many game lovers here at Vivify Ideas, from traditional board games to video games on most platforms. That’s why during the summer we often spend lunch breaks in our garden playing Codenames, Werewolf, Risk or any other game that reflects our mood that day.

One day, however, someone showed up with SongPop2 – a Music Trivia app, and it quickly became our obsession for the longest period. The theme was universal enough for everyone to have a legit chance of winning, while the questions themselves could challenge even the biggest /mu/sic nerd.

However, our hunger for irrelevant trivia grew and SongPop2 just couldn’t keep up. That’s when our idea for the Kangaroo app was born: why not create a trivia app according to our interests, that we can use internally and add/subtract content as we like? Surely we could just keep playing games made by someone else, but where’s fun in that? So we sat down, voted on a niche and started planning.

Project goal

At that period React Native was becoming popular (luckily still is), so technology wasn’t hard to choose, especially since developing the app would allow us to:

  • Discover how RN works
  • Allow the team to get to know and master RN
  • Create a Boilerplate for all upcoming RN projects
  • Create an app that, besides internal use, may have commercial value in the future

Before experimenting with new technology on commercial projects, our code of conduct is to acquire knowledge through internal projects first (as we did with VivifyScrum and Job Candidates). As of result, we are proud to announce that over 30+ of our young kangaroos (developers) have expanded their knowledge on React and React Native, and matured for commercial projects, all thanks to the Kangaroo app.

You’re probably thinking that the number of developers is somewhat high, and you’re right. See, our goal from the very beginning was to create an incubator for junior developers that would challenge them and let them grow, but with a safety net to fail faster. This meant that the project had constant team changes – a cycle of new members joining Kangaroo and the more experienced ones moving onto advanced projects, all the while under the guidance and mentorship of our experienced devs. Without their long-term vision, such a challenge couldn’t be accepted, let alone complete.

Technical Stuff

The mobile app itself was done in React Native and the Admin panel in React, while backend was all Laravel. By the end of May, our Code Quality team had started working on the first version of Boilerplate and by Mid August first Kangaroos had begun the development. In addition to the mobile app, we also have an Admin panel for our Masters of Movie Knowledge. Through this panel, Admins are allowed to add, edit or delete questions and answers.


The application flow is pretty simple:

Step 1: Sign up/Login

Step 2: Choose the genres you want to play

Step 3: Choose a random opponent or invite your friends by email

Step 4: Let the games begin!

Step 5: Win or lose, rinse and repeat. Or delete the app forever if you’re a sore loser.

The quiz can be played with a random opponent from the application, or you can invite a friend via email and play a round against them. Each game consists of 5 rounds X 5 questions and rounds are played alternately. When it’s your turn to play, you will get a notification. In order to achieve a better score, you need to choose answers wisely and fast because you only have 10 seconds for each question.


Some of you can relate to the notion of having second thoughts before installing a free app due to the fact that seemingly everyone is trying to monetize its use in some shape or form. Fortunately, the entire philosophy behind Kangaroo was to provide ourselves with new knowledge in movies and the necessary experience in new technologies. Keeping it to ourselves, however, would be rude, so you’re free to download and play it. Hey, maybe we’ll even play a round against each other!

Author: Vivify Ideas Team

Global web and mobile development company with headquarters in Novi Sad, Serbia.

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