Company Newsletter Design has Proved to be a Good Practice

In the past couple of months, Vivify Ideas has grown up to 50 people that are included in multiple projects. Since it became kinda hard to keep everyone’s track, we wanted to inform our co-workers about everything that’s going on. So we made Vivify Newsletter. Here’s the story behind our newsletter design.

What exactly is a newsletter?

The newsletter is definitely a part of best email practices. It represents company’s culture and is a form of a report which contains everything that has been going on in the past period, and, in our case, a month.

For us, newsletter design was very important. We wanted to communicate company’s vision and mission and engage our co-workers. We wished to get people talking, so we created an out of the box newsletter.

What can you find in a common newsletter?

The internal newsletter is meant to show the company’s identity to its co-workers. Most commonly, every newsletter design consists of elements such as:

  • logo, company’s colors,
  • articles about what has happened in the past period,
  • inside-of-the-company photos.

This is your plain, old newsletter. But, we wanted to spice things up a bit.

What can you find in our newsletter design?

All the things mentioned above and some extras.

We don’t rely on metrics and numbers to show how well we do, but on people and their achievements.

Our developers work devotedly for months in order to deliver a high-quality product to the client. Knowing that a project has been done successfully is fulfilling enough and makes our co-workers feel good about themselves. However, we wanted to acknowledge their hard work and devotion to the task. That’s why we created an internal newsletter.

There is no place like… well, work

In our newsletter design, you can find multiple sections, such as Vivify AcademyTeam and Company Projects. These are the sections that demonstrate our professional achievements, such as first project release and what projects we finished.

However, a special place is reserved for Life at Vivify Ideas. Life at Vivify Ideas is a section that shows our co-workers’ engagement and positive energy. In this section, every employee can find out about education opportunities organized in-house and how we have fun, after the clock ticks 4 PM.

In the Life at Vivify Ideas section, our employees can find more about activities such as Book Club, Trivia Night and Theme Food Fridays.

This is what you can find in our internal newsletter design. We want to share the good things we do, engage our employees and motivate them to participate in the activities.

Who is in charge of creating our newsletter design?

The person in charge is our HR Manager. However, all of our co-workers can be included in the design and make a content-wise suggestion.

When is the best time to send a newsletter?

Well, from our experience the best time is right after the lunch break. This is the time when employees are relaxed, with a full belly, slowly starting to work again. Reading the newsletter shouldn’t be an obligation, but a joyful activity to do.

What are the benefits of internal newsletters?

Our main goal has been to communicate company’s values to employees. This is exactly what we‘ve been achieving! By creating an internal newsletter we manage to encourage people to talk to each other and share ideas. Newsletter motivates them to become proud members of Life at Vivify Ideas club. It may seem funny how one email can change so much, but spreading a positive word and inducing change always shows great results.

Undoubtedly, there are so many benefits of internal newsletters. However, one of the greatest benefits is that it inspires co-workers to achieve more, it brings them together and motivates them. No man is an island.