SEO Specialist

VivifyIdeas is on the lookout for an SEO Specialist who will help us execute and manage our SEO efforts and become an exceptional addition to our team.

Web Development Teacher

You are good at coding and helping people learn how to code? You need additional work or want to earn extra money by doing what you love? Apply for the position of a Teacher at Vivify Academy school of web development.

Product Success Manager

We turn ideas into cool products and we need you to apply your marketing and product development expertise and some of your magic to make sure that a lot of people use them and that they love them, a lot.

PHP and JS developers

We are looking for PHP and JS developers who are highly motivated to do some serious bleeding-edge development and truly live the Vivify idea(l)s.

QA Engineer

We are looking for a QA engineer, someone whose work will mostly consist of writing and executing automated test scripts. We need someone to help us secure high quality of our products.

Web Designer

You're a web designer. You turn nothing into something great. You have an eye for detail. You like to create. Why haven't we already met?

iOS Developer

We are looking for reinforcement. This time it is someone who will help us develop high-quality mobile applications - an iOS developer.

Senior full stack developer

You are an experienced programmer looking for new challenges. Object-oriented programming is not something that you know, it is the way you think. You do not want to get into a rut. You are known as an absolute beast when it comes to both the Front End and Back End.

Junior web developer

Object-oriented programming is your thing. You can use words object, class, method and scope in one sentence and it makes sense. You have knowledge, but you want more. You want to explore, learn and improve yourself. New team members mean new ideas, new perspective. Have you got the will and knowledge to create new things, to inspire us with your ideas and creativity to be even better? You do? That’s great, keep reading :)

Web development Internship

Vivify Ideas is calling for people interested in PHP and JavaScript web development internship. This is an opportunity for you to apply if you’re ready to gain more knowledge in web development and you know the basics of object-oriented programming.